Travel to India This Year to Celebrate Diwali!

Looking to plan a new travel destination but running out places to go? Read on if that sounds like you. In this post, we’re going to discuss traveling to India to celebrate their biggest festival of the year. If you’ve never heard of Diwali before then, you’d be surprised to know that this festival is celebrated all around the world and is famous for its fireworks.

India is a magical place, and it feels like it when you travel from a Western country to India. You’ll see colors and things that you’ve never seen before. You’ll see food that you’ve never heard or tasted before.

Now, I’m sure you all have heard horror stories of westerners getting mugged or cheated in India, and I’m not saying that there are no dangerous places in India. But, here is my counter argument, is there any place in the world which is safe from such down right pathetic people?

There are always good people and bad people in society, and the same is the case with India as well. The reason you’ve heard the horror stories is because Western media likes to paint a grim picture of the world. Ask any traveler who’s been to India and they’ll tell you about the reality.

So, coming back to my suggestion of visiting India on Diwali festival.

What is Diwali?

First of all, let me introduce you to the holy festival, one of the biggest festivals around the world; Diwali. It is also known as the festival of lights or termed ‘happy diwali‘. The reason being, there are fireworks, there is happiness, there is pure joy, and there is friendliness all around.

If you’ve ever wanted to experience the true colors of India and then I’d advise you to visit it in one of its festive seasons. And believe me, there are many. Indians like to celebrate each and every occasion with all they’ve got.

Diwali is no different; it is a 6 to 7 days festival where each day is celebrated differently in different states. All the days are dedicated to certain Gods and individuals pray to certain Gods each day. The whole process of praying is also known as Puja or Pooja.

Oh wait and did I say that there are fireworks as well? Yeah, it’s like 4th of July x 100. On the night of Diwali, you’ll see the sky full of Firecrackers at any city, state, place you visit. And this is the reason we suggest you to plan your next destination to India.

This is Diwali is on October 30th. The festive season starts a week back from that date, so if you’re planning to travel then, this would be a good time. You would also not have to worry about the heat of India as this usually the time when the temperature is colder than usual.

Believe me, if you haven’t visited India yet, you’re missing out on so many things. Here are a few pictures of how the celebration goes:

Rangoli Designed with Diyas
Rangoli Designed with Diyas


A Temple in Amritsar on Diwali Night!
A Temple in Amritsar on Diwali Night!


Diwali Fireworks in Melbourne!
Diwali Fireworks in Melbourne!

Why You Should Get a Weed Eater for Your Garden!

Weed Eater also known as String Trimmer is a tool which is used to cut grass and other plants around the objects or irregular terrain. You can read more about its design and how it functions here in this Wikipedia article.

If you’re an avid gardener, then you most probably know how weeds can ruin your whole garden. It is crucial to get rid of them as soon as you locate it. They are the most important part of lawn maintenance. If you use a regular mower, then it won’t be as active on this pesky small strands of grass. Thus, you need a special tool called weed eater or weed wacker.

Cordless vs. Electric Weed Eater

Vegetable Garden

This is an important decision that you need to make before purchasing the best weed eater for your garden. Cordless Weed Eater gives you mobility allowing you to carry it anywhere you wish. On the other hand, electric weed eater provides you with a stability and higher power which allows you to work on your lawn for longer hours without having to worry about battery or energy source for your tool.

Cordless Weed Eater are obviously lightweight compared to a more traditional tool like a gas powered weed eater, but it doesn’t give you enough power as a gas based weed eater. Electric weed eater, on the other hand, is a combo of both of them. But the only issue here is the mobility factor. It comes with a long cord that you need to carry around with you while you’re working.

How to Choose Best Weed Eater?

It is a tough decision since there are so many factors involved in this decision-making process. There is a significant factor of pricing, should you go for cheaper models or you should spend more and get a higher quality product? Then there is an issue of what type of string trimmer you should choose? Since there are three major types of weed eater in the market, this makes your task even more challenging.

To help you with this issue our friends at have written a detailed post on this very subject. It provides you a list of 10 best weed eater that you can select. It also provides a short little review of each model. Here is a link to the number 1 product that they have selected in their list. We suggest you check it out before you make a final decision.

If you have purchased a weed eater in recent time, then please comment below your experience and help our readers in deciding which model they should go for!

A bonus for all our gardening enthusiasts readers:-

Travel Around the World With No Money!

Wish to travel the world?

Don’t have money to spare?

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Watch how speaker Tomislav Perko shares his experience and tips for travelling around the world with no money at all. This is every frequent travellers’ dream.


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